Nepal is a Country located in the Himalayas in South Asia. The geography of Nepal is diverse with rich and fertile plains, subalpine hills and so on. The world’s tallest mountains can be found in Nepal, with the Mount Everest being the highest peak in the World. Nepal, being multiethnic attracts quite a lot of tourism and is a popular travel destination ever since Nepal opened its borders to the foreigners. Mount Everest in Nepal is quite a sight indeed! Planning a trip to Nepal? Here are some of the best things and must-visit places to explore in Nepal.

1: Trekking in Nepal.

Nepal offers some of the best trekking routes in the World. The Poonhill trek route and the Everest Base Camp trail is one of the most adventurous treks routes in Nepal. The Mera Peak is about 6000 meters tall and offers a trekking trail for people with no prior experience also.

2: Flight tour.

If you want to enjoy an unparalleled eye-level view of the Himalayas, then go for a panoramic flight tour over the Himalayas. Peaks such as the Mount Makalu, Mount Gosaithan, etc., can be viewed on the flight.

3: Chitwan National Park.

The Chitwan National Park is home to the one-horned Rhinos, Bengal tigers, Asian elephants and thousands of migratory birds as well. Kingfishers, egrets and the paradise flycatchers are a common sight here.

4: Visit Pokhara.

Here, you have scenic boating trails and cycling trails. Pokhara is a lakeside town. Paragliding and Mountain Biking is two of the top activities to do in Pokhara.

5: Mountain Biking in Kathmandu.

One of the most exciting cycling trails can be found in Shivapuri National Park. Here, you get to cycle across the Godavari, Bungamati and the Chapagaun roads. Kathmandu is towered with temples, shrines and rock-cut buildings. The Durbar Square, The Boudhanath stupa, etc., are all some of the must-see places in Kathmandu.

6: Bardia National Park.

The forest is one of the most significant tiger habitats in the World. It covers over 968 sq. Km. It is also home to the rhino’s, Gangetic dolphins, cranes and Bengal floricans.

7: Visit Pashupatinah Temple.

Pashupatinah temple is situated on the banks of the Bagmati River. Only Hindus are allowed inside the temple. The non- Hindus can see the glimpse of Lord Shiva’s bull, Nandi, from the outside western entrance.

8. River Rafting.

The Bhote Koshi River offers one of the best rafting experience of all times.

9. Patan.

The architecture in Patan is spectacular! Patan is famous for its Stupas and temples- the Golden Temple and the Kumbeshwar Temple being the top two must-see places in Patan.

10. Kayaking down the Seti River.

The total duration of Kayaking is three days, starting from the Phewa Lake in Pokhara to the lower Seti River. The Chitwan National Park is near to the lower Seti River.

Nepal offers a fun-filled experience with memories to cherish for a lifetime! It is truly one among the must-visit places in the World.